A Daek William

Perth, Outside WA
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Visual Arts

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Perth Born Artist, Currently New York Based.
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A composite mesh of graffiti, illustration, fantasy and photo-realism. Light and complex, with a hint of lustful attitude.

Versatile in every style and medium, Confident in every project, Custom artwork available.
Using a unique style of laying origami crowns on the heads of his subjects, Daek William's work depicts People who he admires,influenced by and draws inspiration from, As the founding member of Last Chance collective in Perth, Daek William works alongside names like Creepy,Sean Morris, Kid Zoom and Yok

Daek has Designed, Curated and completed over 30 commissioned murals and artworks for the Western Australian Government,its local Councils and Australian businesses.

With Daek william's versatility in styles and mediums he is able to complete custom commissions for every occasion.

Last Chance Collective Is a Creative Artist Hub in Western Australia focused on artists emerging in the contemporary and large scale mural arts. Housing Artists who have gone on to being Nationally and internationally recognized, While also working locally with many city Councils and small business.

-Creative studios -Facilitating multiple artists on short term and long term contracts
-Artist Gallery - Curating numerous Group and Solo shows for Emerging Artists
-Urban Redevelopment - Assisting Local businesses and City Councils in creating, designing and painting large scale murals.
-Working with land owners donating wall spaces for Curating murals for youth and emerging artists to have free spaces to produce murals
-Youth Work - Creating, Facilitating Creative workshops for young people and the arts.

The studio closed in 2011 as the artists have primarily focused on international travel although the artists are independently focused in different parts of the world the collective still remains strong.