Anna Carla Swimwear

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43/262 Lord Street, Perth, WA 6000
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Women's Online Swimwear Store.
Limited edition Exclusive Prints, Sun Sensitive Design, Made to order in Perth Australia.
Discover your Beach Beauty
‘I make swimwear that is sophisticated, bold and exciting, that throws aside body insecurities and ultimately makes women feel special every time they wear it.’

The inspiration behind Anna Carla was a unique, colourful leotard I wore as a young competitive gymnast. I began designing Swimwear to encourage the discovery of body confidence in women and initiate the overwhelmingly beautiful feeling of feeling beautiful with every wear.

My contemporary fine art background encouraged me to make accessible art. With limited edition painted prints and each piece of swimwear exclusively hand made to order, Anna Carla Swimwear is exactly that.

Being an Australian label, I have always had a desire to promote sun safety. Anna Carla Swimwear is designed to be sun protective and yet fashionable. Incorporating flattering vintage style and made entirely from UV treated materials, Anna Carla Swimwear allows you to get outside and Discover your Beach beauty!