Paul Deej

Creative Field(s):
Visual Arts

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Perth based Artist, Illustrator & Graphic Designer.
Paul Deej has been a professional Artist and Illustrator since 2002.

He is most well known for hundreds of gig posters, design layouts and CD cover art for acts in the Australian Hip Hop community as part of the west coast 'Syllabolix' collective of artists and musicians.

In 2010 Deej took his artwork onto canvas and into galleries, and has exhibited all over Australia and has had two successful solo shows.

Inspired by popular cultures of movies, comics, hip hop & graffiti art, Deej's bold colourful work explores the dueling themes of beauty and the grotesque.

Deej has won "Best Album Art' the last 2 years running on, and has a Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and Multimedia.