Petra Vanessie

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A passion for making dresses that are unique, and a cut above the rest dresses that celebrates the beauty of being a woman with all women, is the philosophy behind Petra Vanessie designs.

The elegance of classical styles combined with modern edge features, are transferred onto vibrant fabrics, bring something new, something fun, just for you.
Petra Vanessie has always had a passion for dresses that bespoke elegance and sophistication. In particular, this designer has a love of the classical styles that are combined with modern unique detailing. The results are dresses that are sure to catch the eye of the beholder and turn heads in the streets.

After various careers in communications and marketing, Petra distinguished the need for attractive clothing that complements the ârealâ womanly figure. She wanted to share the experience of feeling confident, beautiful, powerful, and elegant that dressing helps to convey.

In 2010, Petra decided to fulfill her passion for designing and creating beautiful womenâs clothing.

Armed with a creative mind, love of beautiful fabric, commitment to produce beautiful dresses and courage to take the plunge, Petra launched her dream into reality and started her own clothing label â Petra Vanessie Designs.

Since then, Petra has created seven collections, exhibited and sold at various markets around Perth and internationally, have had her designs worn by SBS newsreader, Janice Petersen, Channel 7 Perth weather reporter, Natalia Cooper and Junior Masterchef personality, Anna Gare.