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East Fremantle
WA 6158
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Brands that connect with hearts and minds. Print and digital design that cuts through.
We’re Tandem and while we’re designers at heart, we’re also much more than that.

We’re a small team of creative, technical and strategic experts with a blend of local and international brand, print and digital design experience spanning more than 18 years.

We build brands – across print, digital and every brand touchpoint – by thinking differently. Intelligently. Strategically.

Incorporating strategy into our design practice means we can solve lots of different problems. We don’t just make things look good, we create better alignment with your customers and use design strategy to help your business grow.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes. From big multinationals to small start-ups. From corporates to NFPs.

Like us, our clients value good design and intelligent ideas. They understand that design has the power to change minds, behaviours and entire marketplaces. And they understand the difference it can make to their business and to their bottom line.

Whether it’s building a new brand, or refreshing an existing one. Expanding into new markets or raising your digital game. Whatever your goal, we work in tandem with you to help you build a better business, by design.

If you’d like to dig a bit deeper and find out more about what makes us tick – or have a look at some of our work – then why not visit our website: www.tandemstudio.com.au