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We create brands people fall in love with.
What we do

The Creative Arts House creates authentic and compelling brand experiences that inspire your customers, energize your staff, and boost your revenue. We do this by looking for the emotional triggers that engage humans. By focusing on your brand's personality we weave these emotional triggers through each and every one of your brand touch points.

Differentiation is no longer enough. The goal of any brand strategy should be to establish market leadership, guide critical business decisions and even determine appropriate employee behaviour.

How we do it

We will define your brand aspirations and develop a plan that ensures you reach them through:

Brand Development or Revitalization - Brand Archetypes, Positioning, Audience Personas & the Visual Identity

Employee Engagement - Ensuring your employees authentically live and breath your brand values

Brand Awareness & Engagement - Launching your brand through an integrated marketing strategy utilisng channels that are relevant to your target market(s).

Content Creation - The development of relevant and engaging content that will emotionally engage your audience (Graphic design, Video, Written Content, Social Media Content, Website content etc)

Our Process

Our process is collaborative which means we have lots of conversations with you along the way. We will show you sketches, story-boards and examples of what has inspired us to make sure we are all on the same page throughout the project. Whether it is designing a logo, building a website, creating a social media strategy or renaming a business - we stick to this process. It keeps us focused and you involved.

Dial: 61 (8) 6161 7414 or 61 410 610 172.
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Send us a letter: 62 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge 6003 Western Australia

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