Frequently asked Questions ... and their Answers.

Answer not below? We will keep adding to this page as you keep asking... so please email any queries to and we will be happy to help!

Q. I am having troubles uploading an image for my listing.
A. The image upload function uses Flash - so it's most likely that Flash has crashed within the browser you are using. There should be an 'Add' button just on the right of the 'Add Images' title. If that's not there things to try are:

- quit and reopen browser
- use a different browser (ie if you are using Safari try Firefox)
- restart computer

If none of that helps please send email the image(s) and the event name you are trying to upload it to and we will add it for you so you can continue posting.

* At present you can't upload images on an iPad - sorry! *

Q. I am having technical issues with the website.
A. Please email with details of your problem. Please include details of what happened before you encountered the problem, and which web browser you are using so we can troubleshoot. We will respond via email as soon as possible.

Q. I can't find a suitable category for my listing.
A. Please feel free to email us at if you feel our categories do not suit your industry. As Creative Crops grows we will monitor categories and add more as needed, we need to strike a balance and at this stage we decided not to make things too specific so people don't miss out on information relevant to them, however we will consider all requests for new categories.

Q. What is the Creative Sector, who is this website for?
A. We hope all kinds of creatives will call Creative Crops home. We consider anyone working within the Cultural and Creative Industries, or an organisation which supports the Cultural and Creative Industries as part of our Creative Sector. Wikipedia has a great definition of the Creative Industries here:

Q. Can you feature my Opportunity, Event or Directory listing on the Creative Crops Facebook Page?
A. We only feature items that have first been posted on Creative Crops. We are run voluntarily and can't share everything, but will re post as many as we can.

Q. Why is my image cropped?
A. Images are cropped to fit the thumbnail size of W300 x H150 pixels. If your image is portrait it will be shrunk to 300 pixels wide, then the centre 150 pixels will be viewable in the thumbnail. If your image is landscape it will be shrunk to 150 pixies high, then the centre 150 pixels will be viewable in the thumbnail. Users will be able to click on your image to see it full size when browsing your listings.