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9th of July, 2018

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The Artisan Store Fremantle
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Be part of The Artisan Store Fremantle!

The Artisan Store Fremantle was created as a permanent gallery to support and promote local artisans.

A contemporary, curated retail gallery, we provide the store, the service, the support and the campaign for you to present and sell your work through a shared retail space in the arts centre of Fremantle and returning 100% of your profit.

Are you looking for a quality space to present your work among a collection of curated artists?

Do you want to control the retail value of your works?

Do you want to receive the full retail value on your sales?

Why Fremantle?
The Artisan Store Fremantle is part of a West End revolution in Fremantle, and because of businesses like TASF foot traffic in the West End has grown to over 1.5 million people per year!

TASF is part of a funding network to install a professional people counter in High Street and as a result we can accurately rate footfall every hour of the year and see how it changes.

81a High Street Fremantle has seen a massive 5% year-on-year growth in foot traffic from 1,445,774 persons in 2014 to 1,523,414 in 2015! That’s an average of nearly 30,000 going past per week!

TASF is part of a local movement to increase foot traffic and activity in the West End so you – the Artist – have more chance at exposure!

People counters provided by A Beautiful City, Perth,

What you can sell?
Just about any premium quality artisan work

An application form is available (either online or as a download document). On acceptance we will issue you with a lease agreement and finalise selection and location of space subject to availability.
Payments are made by direct bank transfers on the 1st of the month.